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O  Attractive

The Star 
From Formoso

In the heart of Bonito-MS there is a secret world, where nature has sculpted the most beautiful creatures and that with the sunrise they populate and transform the local landscape.

Right there, 16 km from the city center, nature holds a true natural treasure, it's a little piece of heaven, called Estrela do Formoso.

The beauty is impressive, with an exuberant view of the green nature of the Serra da Bodoquena region and the sound of its crystal clear water, coming from the Formoso River that runs through the attraction's seven bathing and leisure spots.

The thriving aquatic life with fish of the piraputanga, curimba and dourado species, make the water the ideal setting for taking that refreshing bath or venturing out among our beauties!

The refinement, sophistication and exclusive atmosphere make this experience even more special.

Estrela do Formoso Aérea Drone

Which  To take?

Cash and Card
Porção de Pastel

Our  Gastronomy

The smell of spices and the chef's meticulous touch with each dish made, travel through this little piece of heaven, making us travel through the customs and traditions of regional flavors, such as the delicious Linguiça de Maracaju in an environment surrounded by nature.

There are several portions, snacks, drinks and beverages to make your day even more unforgettable.

Porção Costelinha de Pacu

Ours  Pergolas

Nature is part of the identity of our pergolas, it is the most significant part that contributes to everything being so charming and cozy. In addition to all the natural beauty, our pergolas are also private, all designed for family and friends to have the most fun, with comfort and refinement.

Pergolado Arara Azul
Pergolado Seriema
Pergolado Estrela do Formoso
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